i am here to help you make that dream a reality.

You spent hours and hours on your website but the sales are not happening at the rate you want (or need).

You have spent money on the design and have great products but still something is missing.

You get dribbles of orders and wish it was more consistent?

You wish someone would tell you what changes to make without all the tech talk?

If someone could just show you what to change on your website so it converts to more sales and tell you what elements/pages are essential?

You need someone to explain to you what SEO is and How to write a product description that actually sells? 

But you need to know this without being bombarding you tech talk :) and complicated explanations.

You have a steady stream of customers to your website but not enough are actually buying.

is this you?

Convert those visitors to sales and increase your average order value whist there!!

Get your website keeping customers attention longer.

Cover your first impressions and what changes to make instantly.

Have someone guide you through the changes to make to improve your numbers (average order value (AOV), conversion rate and return customer rate.

WHAT if you COULD:

Understand what do you need to be doing to attract new customers keep your current customers happy and continually grow!

- Honeybee and Blossom

"I love how Melissa explains things so clearly and make things that seem complicated feel much more do-able. I feel a lot more confident and able to tackle the socials, branding and online store creation for my business. You are sooooo good at explaining the logic of how successful brands visually structure their online presence to increase sales. Love your work! "

You are sooooo good at explaining the logic of how successful brands visually structure their online presence to increase sales.

the reviews

I am inviting you to spend 5 days with me making some changes to your website to do all these things 👉🏼
✨Increase your website conversion rate
✨Increase your AOV
✨Increase your customer return rate

Everyone of these numbers improving by 1% can add $1000's to your bottom line.
You will get  5 days of trainings, in a series of emails, instructions, video demonstrations and help (Q and A) to get you over any tech issues or barriers to getting it done.

For 5 days you will get instructions and video demonstrations on what to focus on to improve your numbers.

You get access to all recordings over the 5 part series.

- Examples and templates of what works and guidance on how to make your changes.

- Access to a private facebook group.

- Workbook and checklist.

- 12 months access to any updates.

-My WEBSITE analytics calculator to help you track your sales goals.!! 

how does it work?


Melissa is an absolute gem and full of so much info!  She's a straight talker and really knows her stuff. My kind of gal! She's incredibly supportive and super nice too. If you're a small biz owner and looking to grow your brand definitely have a chat to Mel.

You can definitely tell she's had a lot of experience in the retail industry and provides you with real-life advice from someone who's actually been there and done that. 

what others are saying!


 This is fabulous.....do it!

Mel is generous, warm, clever and so experienced. There is so much detail and easy to understand!

-Karina Jambrak Art

...tips on reaching a wider audience and also has helped me with advertising/marketing content and planning. She has helped me set achievable goals and has also fine-tuned parts of my business that I had previously worked on to make sales more streamlined. She is also just a genuinely lovely person. I can't recommend @thelotco highly enough.

Melissa has helped me in all areas of my small business from retail and wholesale sales strategies to product pricing...

the reviews

Whether it is interior design, fashion design, product design and more. I love to help, mentor, coach and inspire those on the journey to create a brand or retail space, and income from their passion. 
I love working with those in business whether it is a small homemade item or fashion brand that has been running for 15 years. 
Working with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, New York or anywhere!!! 
I am here to help you move forward in your business and implement strategies to help your business grow. 
As your business consultant, I will provide strategies, tools and insights to drive you towards your goals. 
You can achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, with a helping hand from me.

i’m melissa. retailer and brand builder turned business coach



Make sure you listen to my podcasts episodes where I share some more details about building your business to increase sales

This sounds amazing but I just don't have the $$$ right now.