Wholesale Ready


Monthly mentoring

from $595 per month.


Do you ever wish you had someone to call on for business advice, decision making, any time or any day?

I have experience in all areas of retail, buying,  wholesale, production, marketing, sales and more. 


I can help you increase sales, take a new & improved direction, rebrand, add the right categories, price right, increase margins, open sales doors both locally & internationally, use marketing tools more effectively and more.

Work on your business, not in your business regularly.  

We meet at least once a month either in person or on a video call.  Every month is a new aspect of your business depending on your individual needs.

Some clients I complete their social media planning, others need help with buying and accessing new brands.  Certain clients stores need a refresh regularly.  I can manage marketing (those dreaded EDM's no-one likes spending time on- I have graphic skills too so no outsourcing needed).

Budgeting and staff rosters  Workshop ideas.  Revenue streams.  Private label brand management, the list is endless.

Contact me for a free 30 min phone call or find out about booking a half day consult to see if we are a good fit.

Now if you have come all the way down the bottom of this page and there is not something that jumps out at you or does not quite fit. 


That is ok. 


Call me on 0404 498 689 or email me for a chat or more detailed quote and see how we can work together.

I want to help you save money and make sure every dollar you spend comes back in spades!!!

Other things I CAN WORK ON.



I can deliver custom workshops in areas of fashion, business and design.  Specialising in retail, sales strategies, small busines start ups, buying, marketing and social media.

What does your business need right now. New revenue streams? An improved sales strategy? A product review? Pricing analysis?

Let me look at your weaknesses and make them strengths again.


I come to you. Listen and we learn all about your business, your brand and then share our expertise through customized feedback and a constructive action plan and strategies to put in place. 


Do you know and understand what you need for your business? Have you got a strategy in place? What are you priorities? We help you understand social media, marketing plans, working with bloggers & influencers, campaign shoots, content creation, where to put your money and more.


I have delivered talks and seminars at Australian and international conferences and trade shows for the past 3 years.  Topics can be customised.   

Recent events have been VAMFF, Life Instyle tade show, Reed Exhibtions, The Design School, NZ GIft Fair. 


Have you ever exhibited at a trade show? Or do you want to but not sure where to start?  With over 50 trade shows under our belt in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Paris and more we can help you understand the tips and strategies you need to employ to get it right the first time.