Top 5 things you must be doing in your Retail store now.

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Retail. It is not for slackers that is for sure. But if you are in it then you better get busy.

There is still great opportunity out there to make a success of a retail store but you certainly won't unless you are already doing these things.

Communicate - you need to tell your customers what you have, when you are open, what your address is, what your phone number is. what sort of stock you have in store, what brands you sell and more. So many stores just don't realise that not everyone knows this. The amount of times I have gone to an instagram page or website and cannot find an address, or opening hours or phone number is crazy!!

Buy well- what changes have you made recently to your buying? Have you added new brands, new categories? Do you understand your target market and customer? Have you got stock in store that they need or desire? Make sure you understand who your core customer is and what price points they buy or brands they love. Cater for them.

Staff and Customer service- there is no point getting all the customers into your store or ordering online if you then go and mess it up by having the wrong staff in store. Are they friendly? Do they work hard? Do they service your customer? Are they attentive? Will they stay an extra ten minutes because your best customer has just walked in before closing time?

Test them out use friends to be mystery shoppers. Train your staff about what expectations you have.

Merchandise- have you refreshed your store lately? Changed the way customers move through the store? Edited front display table. Created an new window display. It takes a little bit of creativity and some fun ideas. Pinterest and instagram are overflowing with great ideas. Create mood boards and save them for inspiration when you need it most.

Advertising and Promotion- Have you tried it? Facebok ads, instagram ads, boosting posts, pinterest, seo or google ads, sponsoring events, creating an event, inviting vips into store. There are many ways you can advertise these days without it costing a fortune. If you haven't at least tried one of these options then get busy!! There are many ideas online to help you with this. Try a course or hire an expert. You cannot say you have tried everything if you have not at least tested some of these options.

I hope this helps to fire up the belly and kick you into action. Test some of these out and let us know how you go.

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