Join us at THE HUDDLE!!! A weekend in Orange and a chance to transform your business and life.

I am so SUPER excited to be joining some fabulous amazing women to be a part of The Huddle this coming February 8th and 9th 2020.

Pip and the gang from Jumbled Online and Iglou have created an amazing event where we get to be a part of helping and inspiring hundreds of businesses and women (or men:)) and sharing ideas for two days in Orange NSW.

This from Pip below:

‘huddle’ verb1. crowd together; nestle closely. (crowd, gather, throng, flock, herd, pile, bunch, cluster, collect, group, congregate.)


I have been dreaming of this business event for years; a huddle of my favourite inspiring business owners and change-makers in one room. To have them share their tips, tricks and extraordinary tales on what makes a business successful, and what they have done to get to the point that they're at today.

You know that feeling when you hear that little pearl of wisdom that stops you in your tracks? That AH-HA moment, the game changing piece of information, the thing you have wanted to hear and needed to hear, in fact? THAT is what this event is all about!

Why not make a weekend of it?! Experience all that our beautiful town of Orange has to offer, with our main event on Sunday, and our two signature events on Saturday.

We guarantee you’ll walk away feeling empowered and energised with a new set of business goals for 2020.

Love Pip x

How fabulous are all these women!! I cant wait to hear from them all. And I am so honoured to be included in this amazing list!!!.

You can find out more about these fabulous women here:

Phoebe from @sageandclare

Julia from @greenhouseinteriors

Amy from @confetti_rebels

Sophie @locallovely

Grace @buyfromthebush

Tracey @bundleandtwine

Katy @rollabottle

Me (Melissa) @thelotco

Rebekah @buildhercollective

Briony @briony_marsh

Edwina @edwinab

Stevie @steviesayssocial

Don't delay buy your tickets now!!!

What you will learn, hear, understand and take away with you afterwards!!!

I hope to see you there!!!!