• Simple Costing Spreadsheet- Calculating the cost of your product.

    This spreadsheet is one I use in almost every 1 on 1 consultation I have! 

    Figuring our the margin you have on your product is crucial to ensure you actually make money in this game!!  I can guarntee you putting our figures in here will save you thousands of $$$$$.


    As I work with so many creatives this is often something they get stuck with and have paralysis about.  

    Here I have kept it simple to not overwhelm but also included formuals in there to help with overall costings, calculating viability of production or importing and discovering your best price or volume you should order.  Make sure you read through the PDF pricing guide too, to ensure you have thought through the logic/emotion of how to price your product as well!!  Please send me any queries or questions.  

    Once you download this file save a copy so you can make changes relevant to your business.