Whether it is interior design, fashion design, product design and more. I love to guide, mentor, coach and inspire those on the journey to create a brand or retail space, and income from their passion. 
I love working with those in business whether it is a small homemade item or fashion brand that has been running for 15 years. 
Working with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, New York or anywhere!!! 
I am here to help you move forward in your business and implement strategies to help your business grow. 
As your business coach and consultant, I will provide strategies, tools and insights to drive you towards your goals. 
You can achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, with a helping hand from me.

I’m melissa. a colour loving truth telling business coach.
passionate about retail, fashion, and design.

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I'm here to help you make your dream a reality.

My Story

My fashion and retail journey began early when I worked for my parents in their businesses. Making lolly bags for the Milk Bar (Deli if you are from Western Australia!!) jumping off the truck to deliver milk for my Mum's milk round.
I spent years in customer service in the fast food industry, before stints as a casual retail assistant in fashion boutiques. 
I was a High School Maths and Science Teacher, Swimming Instructor and also a Personal trainer!!
Yes you read that right. Talk about career flips!!  But every single experience and failure and mistake has helped provide the years I can draw on now to guide you.  

Starting back into fashion I created, designed, plotted world domination with my sister Jennie as children's fashion brand- Moppit. This lead to multiple retail stores and selling our brand around the world in department stores, boutiques from London to Spain to NY and back again. 
After many years the business was sold and I time spent time working in  Australian fashion brand head offices learning the corporate side of things too.. 
I have now worked with over 500 brands from Damselfly, Nancybird,, Tightology, Marmoset Found,  Karina Jambrak, Klipsta, Lula Eye mask, Bettyquette and many more. 
From fashion, art, ceramics, footwear, candles and so many things in between!! 

- samantha faint - vivians emporium

Just wanted to let you know how incredibly valuable both the business review and the retail overhaul has been. I can’t thank you enough. And… the journey has just begun! I’m looking forward to continuing working with you as an official client over the next 12 months. 

on day 1 we witnessed immediate results with sales we never thought we could do.


Before working with Melissa I was brand new in the business world and had no real direction in where I wanted to go. After our session with her I walked away with absolute clarity on how I am going to move forward, what I need to execute and how to effectively communicate my brand message. I would highly recommend Thelotco if you are new to the business world or want to restyle or revamp your existing brand!

wow! i walked away with absolute clarity and direction in super quick 3 hour session!

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My most popular service. One on one business advice for you. Catered to your needs, covering the areas you most want to focus on. This is where we dive deep into your business and analyze, review, and plan. Questions answered, feedback given, plans made and strategies put in place. You leave with direction, clarity, and specifics.

1 on 1 business coaching

my most popular service

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Here you will take action, and reach those goals by getting access to the resources, tools, and people to support you and guide you on the journey.  Ask and share feedback, learn a new topic each month, real business advice and support, covering more than just marketing, and making sure you and your business go on a journey of growth and development. 

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The creative & design industry is my forte, having created and grown multiple 6 figures brands in fashion and lifestyle. From start-ups and side hustles to established businesses turning over millions. I have worked with over 80+ brands, retailers and designers in the past 2 years alone. With over 20+ years of experience in everything business, retail, fashion, marketing, and sale I can help you in your business.

I have a passion to inspire, mentor & nurture and with my extensive industry experience I can help you, your business or your idea become the real thing with the best tips and tricks to start you off on the right foot. Straightforward, practical and genuine business advice.

a passion for creative & design industries

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