Hi, I'm Melissa.


I am passionate about retail, fashion, and design.  Whether it is interior design, fashion design, product design and more. 

I love to help, mentor, coach and inspire those on the journey to create a brand or retail space, and income from their passion.

I love working with those in business whether it is a small homemade item or fashion brand that has been running for 15 years.

Working with businesses in Australia, New Zealand, New York or anywhere!!!

I am here to help you move forward in your business and implement strategies to help your business grow.


As your business consultant, I will provide strategies, tools and insights to drive you towards your goals.


You can achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, with a helping hand from me.


My fashion and retail journey began early when I worked for my parents in their businesses.  Making lolly bags for the Milk Bar (Deli if you are from Western Australia!!) jumping off the truck to deliver milk for my Mum's milk round.  Before stints as a casual retail assistant in fashion boutiques.

Before my own brand and retail store I was a high school Science and Maths teacher. 

Yes you read that right.  Talk about career flip!!

  Starting back into fashion I created, designed, plotted world domination with my sister Jennie as children's fashion brand- Moppit. 

This lead to multiple retail stores and selling our brand around the world in department stores, boutiques from London to Spain to NY and back again.

After many years the business was sold and time spent in Australian fashion brand head offices has followed.  

Working with brands from Damselfly, Nancybird, Rodeo Show, Tightology, Marmoset Found and many more.

From fashion, ceramics, footwear, candles and so many things in between!! 

 With over twenty years of experience in the fashion & design industry and an extensive understanding of wholesale, retail, product development, marketing, and branding.


Skilled at driving businesses forward through strategic sales and marketing strategies, financial planning paired with a savvy ability to identify existing market trends.

I have a passion to mentor & nurture and with my extensive industry experience 
I can help you, your business, or your idea become the real thing with the best tips and tricks to start you off on the right foot.

Give me a call on 0404 498 689 or email me at hello@thelotco.com.au to see if we are the right fit.




  • Business development strategy and implementation.

  • Retail review, planning and marketing.

  • Customer experience (CX) and customer understanding.

  • Pricing Review and Wholesale Strategy.

  • Business review identifying obstacles and opportunities.

  • Strategic development, planning, and implementation.

  • Marketing review, planning, and implementation.

  • Branding development from start-up to established business.

  • Product development.

  • Budgeting and business growth.

  • Identifying sales opportunities and entering new markets.

  • Trade show execution and strategy.

  • Merchandising Planning and Buying (OTB).

  • Visual merchandising planning and implementation.