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Former Lecturer of Fashion Business with 25 years experience in retail and wholesale, I've done it all. I’ve built two multi-million dollar product businesses that I’ve since sold, I’ve owned a retail store, I’ve been a buyer for big brands, I’ve been a seller, I’ve exhibited at over 50 trade shows, I’ve worked with 100's of brands to help them grow to over a million in sales, and I’ve taken all of my knowledge and distilled it into an easy-to-follow strategies that’ll help you confidently take the exact next step you need in order to grow your product and retail  business to consistent sales and profitability.  

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the sales, the impact...

I was a Maths & Science High School Teacher, but always had a passion for fashion and being creative.  I started my own children's fashion brand, I built a chain of retail stores.  I sold wholesale to 100's of stores worldwide. BUT I had cash flow issues, struggled to pay the bills, and struggled to figure out what to focus on in the business.  I spent all my time IN the business, working the shop floor, driving to manufacturers to save $10 in courier fees and spending  so much time putting out spot fires. It was only when I started spending time ON the business that things shifted. I started really analysing data, understanding my customer better, figuring out what marketing activities had the biggest impact and brought in the most sales AND making sure I was running at a profit!  It was only after  understanding these things I was able to 4X sales and make a decent income for myself and eventually then sell my businesses.  I have been working with other brands and retail stores since- helping them to build profitable and sustainable businesses.


I bloody wish I had focussed more on my profit, focussed on the planning and strategy and focussed on HOW to build a long term sustainable business.  I have worked with 100's of clients in past 5 years and get to see the inside working of so many brands and retail stores and how they do things and what has the biggest impact, what are some common barriers, roadblocks to growth. 
I get to see all the different versions of success and am so lucky I get to celebrate huge sales with my clients, record income years and see them achieving dreams they never thought possible. I am a very practical, very straightforward business consultant and mentor.  I tell it like it is and give you honest feedback, specific direction and action plans to help you achieve your business goals. 

Slow mornings,
chai latte, good vibes,
 owning your worth,
 and always a little bit of sparkle.

Slow mornings,
chai latte, good vibes, owning your worth,
 and always a little bit of sparkle.

I like colour (especially lilac),
I like truth telling,
I call a spade a spade. 
I am here to support you but don't expect mollycoddling.
I am here for the go-getters, the action takers not the excuse makers.
You want to know how to achieve your million dollar business, I can show you. 
You want me to do it all for you. I am not the one for you.
I am about strategy, doing and dreaming big.  Then reverse engineering the shit out of it to make it a reality.
I am a Manifesting Generator 3/6 in Human Design and I move fast. 
My brain moves a million miles a minute and I can see the big picture VISION and look at your business with fresh eyes and help figure out what the heck you are doing right, wrong or need to focus on. We then reverse engineer your goals and create an action plan specific to you!


Working with over 500 brands guiding them to 6 figure and multi 7 figure businesses.


Launched my Profitable Product Business Roadmap and had 100's of students move through and change the direction of their business.


Launched thelotco business podcast.  Had over 50,000 downlaods!!


Started thelotco business consulting as a side hustle.  Consulting to brands and retailers on their sales and marketing. Worked as a Lecturer in Fashion Business (MFI). 


Sold my Retail store (Moppit and More) after 9 years and brand (Moppit) after 15 years. Worked for corporate fashion brand as National Sales Manager.


Started the childrenswear brand Moppit with my sister Jennie.  Built it to over 1 million dollars in sales with stockists around the world. Started e-commerce back in 2003. 



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Don't let anyone steal your magic



Choose your own adventure! Want a quick fix and some tips to sell more of your product? Grab my GET MORE SALES bundle.  Feel like you want to get to know me more?  Listen to my podcast and get a feel for who I am and how I can help you.  Super excited you have found me and know I am the one to help you take your brand to the next level?  Start with my Roadmap the BEST option for making sure you are building a profitable business and can scale to multi 6 figures. Want even more 1 on 1 time with me? Check out my Mastermind or 1 on 1 Coaching options. 

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