Are you a brand and want to capture some Wholesale sales?.
Not sure how to go about contacting stores and building this side of your business?
Build your confidence and get Wholesale ready with this full intensive program.

Transform your
Wholesale Program

Are you about to exhibit at a Trade Show or thinking about it in the next 6-12 months?
If you are going to invest your $$ hard earned dollars into a show make sure you are prepared. 
Find out everything you need to know to make your next Trade Show a roaring success.
This 3 part series takes you through the before show prep, during the show sales and set up and after the show follow up. 
Included in here are bonus templates, checklists, order forms and email swipe files.

Trade Show bootcamp



Just want a quick hit way to boost your online sales?
Take this 5 part series and get your website converting more visitors into sales, improve your average order value (AOV) and get customers coming back for more also!!
Worried about tech?.  I walk you through the what, why and how in this easy to follow series to improve your Online orders!

Increase your online store sales!!!


Are you just starting out online?  Or going from physical store to having an online presence?

Or maybe you are launching a new website now and want to make sure you have covered everything possible to be super visible and have the greatest chance of success in this new venture?
In this 3 part series I take  you through what being online ready means. 
We cover everything social media, website and marketing.

Get your Business Online Ready!

I am making some changes and have a new Program almost ready to  go....
It is all about Building a Profitable Product Business!!
Whether you are an online store only, bricks and mortar Retail store or a Brand that sells mostly your own product or a combination of all 3!!
This all in one program gives you a. Roadmap to build your product business to $100K and beyond.  I am gathering up 25 years in the industry to cover not just Wholesale sales or not just Retail sales but a combination of the two plus some finance, mindset, marketing and more. 
Knowing what other successful businesses do to scale to multi 6 and 7 figure years is half the battle! Join me now to take your product business to the next level.


- Alexandra Strong ART

The program has been essential in me beginning to wholesale my art prints. This was the first online course of its kind I have invested in and it has been well worth it! I already have several wholesalers and it helped me pave the way and avoid mistakes which I 100% would have made without doing the course! As a busy mum it was great being able to re watch the content and take notes etc... best money I spent all year on my business!! 

best money I spent all year on my business!! 

- Felicity- ink spiller home 

 I felt SO much more confident dealing with her than I would have had I tried to tackle it without the course knowledge. In fact I cringe thinking about how it might have gone had the 'precourse' me' handled it!.
The Wholesale Group program gives you everything you need to confidently step into the wholesaling world. From numbers to sales pitches to POS and marketing materials, it covers everything you wondered about but weren't sure of, plus a whole lot of information that is crucial to success but you may not have even considered.

I got my first stockist shortly after completing the course!



I can come back to it again and again as I need to. My confidence in taking my business into this new phase is so much higher than it was and it doesn’t seem so scary. The course is fabulous.....do it!

Mel is generous, warm, clever and so experienced. The course is detailed and easy to understand with so much content!

I would absolutely recommend and it is 100% value for money.  I am so excited and look forward to watching the program again to pick up on the smaller things I missed this time round.  Seriously do not think twice about it. The program has been invaluable.

An invaluable program that has helped streamline my wholesale operations, build my wholesale business and grow my confidence.

- Katie- Kindor HOmewares.

Lizzie, Urban Fable

Thank you Mel, for delivering an outstanding wholesale program that has helped us to set up our business for wholesale success. The information, advice and follow up assistance you provided was incredible. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to grow their wholesale side of the business but is unsure where and how to start. You will definitely have all the answers by the end of the program!

you will definitely have all the answers by the end of the program!!


that I had previously worked on to make sales more streamlined. When you're working on your own business it is so easy to get stuck on the little things so it's nice to have someone there help you see the bigger picture, to listen, provide you with honest answers and to hold you accountable. 

she has helped me set achievable goals and fine-tuned parts of my business


and suggested achievable tasks and goals. It was so helpful to be held accountable and have deadlines too. 
I’m already recommending Mel’s services to colleagues and I won’t hesitate to book another session next time I’m at a crossroads

she took the time to get to know me and my products

We're here to help you make that dream a reality.

→ Are you a creative but lacking resources to execute ideas? 
→ Do you need an overall Business strategy of what to do next? 
→ Stuck in a rut? Profit stalling or just keeping your head above water. 
→ Maybe you are starting out? Need help in getting going on what to do first? 
→ How do you make a profit? 
→ Are you a retail store that is struggling with margin and product mix? 
→ How to get your assortment right and making sure your bottom line is healthy. 
→ Do you want to start wholesaling your range but unsure where to start? 
→ Do you have most things covered but no idea how to implement Instagram and Facebook or Email newsletters? 
→ Do you have dreams to start your own retail store, brand or fashion label but not sure where to start? 
→Have you been working in your business for a few years now but not making enough profit? 

I love sharing what I know, and working with clients that are thirsty  for more knowledge! 

change is possible.

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