1 on 1 Coaching Opportunities

take action & reach goals with support and guidance

review - edit - evolve


Are you looking for support, structure and accountability in your business?
Do you know what to do but have a harder time executing?
Do you need someone to be checking in and making sure you are continually moving forward in the right direction?
Are you seeking big picture planning and a strategy for continued growth in your business?

90 day accountability Business Coaching

ONGOING accounTability cOACHING

This is where we dive into your business and analyse, review and plan. Catered to your needs, covering the areas you most want to focus on. Questions answered, feedback given, plans made and strategies put in place. You leave with direction, clarity, and specifics.

1 on 1 Business Coaching

90 mins of power session  $495 AUD + gst (approx $395 USD) 

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review - edit - evolve

This is where we dive deep into your business and analyze, review and plan. Catered to your needs, covering the areas you most want to focus on. Questions answered, feedback given, plans made and strategies put in place. You leave with direction, clarity, and specifics.

1 on 1 Business Coaching

Deep Dive  $1995 AUD + gst. (approx $1495 USD)



Minimum commitment is 12 months (4  sessions) every 90 days.

Quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions (via Zoom) with Melissa.
Ongoing email/ message support for any issues that come up between coaching calls.
12 months access to thelotco collective membership
Access to all other thelotco courses and  group programs.

Investing in your business can feel scary, but if you don’t do things DIFFERENTLY, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

I have helped multiple businesses double and triple their incomes and allow them to take control of their working week, implement systems, delegate tasks, and grow in confidence in themselves and their business strategy. 

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3 hours  Mini session  $995 AUD + gst (approx $795 USD) 

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What Coaching Includes

helping you take action & reach goals

We will Deep Dive into your business. Tackle the exact things that your business needs.  Whether that is pricing and margin review.  A Marketing plan and launch strategy or just general business advice to get your business growing. 
You will receive a recording of our session. 
Access to resources.
Follow up emails and phone calls .

Deep Dive

You get access to all my templates, spreadsheets and tools to help you manage your business.  These have been developed over years and refined and perfected to save you time and money.
Clients rave about the difference these make to their business.


Ongoing email and phone support for while we work through implementing strategies, collaborations, decisions making and clarity around important business decisions.

Virtual Support

- karina jambrak

that I had previously worked on to make sales more streamlined. When you're working on your own business it is so easy to get stuck on the little things so it's nice to have someone there help you see the bigger picture, to listen, provide you with honest answers and to hold you accountable. 

she has helped me set achievable goals and fine-tuned parts of my business

the reviews

We're here to help you make that dream a reality.

→ Are you a creative but lacking resources to execute ideas? 
→ Do you need an overall Business strategy of what to do next? 
→ Stuck in a rut? Profit stalling or just keeping your head above water. 
→ Maybe you are starting out? Need help in getting going on what to do first? 
→ How do you make a profit? 
→ Are you a retail store that is struggling with margin and product mix? 
→ How to get your assortment right and making sure your bottom line is healthy. 
→ Do you want to start wholesaling your range but unsure where to start? 
→ Do you have most things covered but no idea how to implement Instagram and Facebook or Email newsletters? 
→ Do you have dreams to start your own retail store, brand or fashion label but not sure where to start? 
→Have you been working in your business for a few years now but not making enough profit? 

I love sharing what I know, and working with clients that are thirsty  for more knowledge! 

change is possible.

- belinda from chasing springtime

and suggested achievable tasks and goals. It was so helpful to be held accountable and have deadlines too. 
I’m already recommending Mel’s services to colleagues and I won’t hesitate to book another session next time I’m at a crossroads

she took the time to get to know me and my products

the reviews

ranging from $995-$2495 AUD
 per month

Do you ever wish you had someone to call on for business advice, decision making, any time or any day? I have experience in all areas of retail, buying, wholesale, production, marketing, sales and more. 

I can help you increase sales, take a new & improved direction, rebrand, add the right categories, price right, increase margins, open sales doors both locally & internationally, use marketing tools more effectively and more. 
Work on your business, not in your business regularly. 

We meet at least once a month either in person or on a video call.
Every month is a new aspect of your business depending on your individual needs.

Ongoing Monthly Mentoring

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