Hi, I'm Mel.
I'm here to help YOU make more sales & more PROFIT in your product-based business. 

I am a Coach, Consultant and Strategist for you if you have your own brand or Retail store.
For you if you are a creative who has a passion for creating but need some extra help with the business, sales & marketing side of the business!
Do you want to build a business with your version of success? Not working 24/7 and hustling everyday!
I help you price your product for profit, set up multiple revenue streams (wholesale, DTC and ecommerce) and market the shiz out of your business so customers are knocking down your doors AND you get the freedom based lifestyle and business you are craving. 

Want to hear that sweet sound of sales ticking over in your inbox?

I help bold and action taking women build the product businesses they've always dreamed of (without sacrificing their sanity) and take their brands to the next level.

I work with you on building  a PROFITABLE  product  business. 
One that is sustainable and gives you not only the freedoms you desire but INCOME!   
I can help you at all stages.
Getting  started with your product business? Let's kick off with the right foundations. SAVE money from the start.
Start-ups -take the next step to consistent sales (I'll show you how).
Want to scale to a million  (or multi-million) dollar product business?  I have got the experience and the map. 

SEQUIN lover

i'm here because I believe

Every creative should be able to build a profitable business.

The business of your dreams that is fun, sustainable, profitable and gives you the freedom and abundant life you desire and deserve! I have worked with 100's of brands, retailers and creatives and know what success is possible for you too. 

thelotco guide to more ecommerce traffic

15 ways to get more web traffic

Build a website and they will come.......

Or maybe not so much.  It is really flipping hard and can be expensive to get new customers to your website.  So grab this guide to see how others and doing it and what works for other successful product businesses. There is a list and details of 15 ways to get more eyes on and customers to your website.

Ten Tricks for Better Insta Photos

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Mel was the most incredible business strategist we've ever worked with. She's an actual genius. I am constantly still thinking 'What would Mel do whenever I am making new decisions in my business'


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the course

Roadmap to Profit!
Build your profitable product business.

An 8 part program delivering you everything you need to start making real MONEY from your product business.  With 12 months of coaching and support. Stop playing small and doing everything bit by bit.  Get a comprehensive guide from someone who has over 25 years experience and created 2 multi-million dollar businesses. This Roadmap helps you know what to focus on and where to invest your time and money.



Want tip and hacks to make running a Product business that little bit easier?

Hear how other creatives have built their micro or million-dollar product businesses, and how they got started and what they focussed on to stand out and build a business of their dreams.
Tune in to hear Mel explain things in an easy to understand and practical way. 
Listen now.

Want more eyes on your website?  Then you might want to check out this list.  Start implementing straight away as soon as you grab the details.

Grab my guide with TOP 10 tips you need to know to start making consistent sales and extra cash from this sales channel today.
Stop cold calling and start strategising. 

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