My most popular service. 

One on one business strategy for your business.This is where we dive deep into your business and analyze, review and plan.

A full day. 7 hrs.  Questions answered, feedback given, plans made and strategies put in place. 




Join the thelotco and other like minded businesses in supporting each other, increase skills and increase sales.

 You ask and you receive.  A way to learn targeted info. just for you as a retailer or brand or online business. 

We have your back in here. Ask and share feedback, advice, and get marketing and business support.

I can help you get your

Business Online Ready. 

Website analysis, Social Media edits, Shopify store.

Make sure you have an Online revenue stream in this current market.

Starting from $195


Do you have dreams to start your own retail store, brand or fashion label but not sure where to start? 

Have you been working in your business for a few years now but not making enough profit?  

With over 20+ years experience in everything business, retail, fashion and sales. 

From start-ups to small and established businesses.

  I help businesses move forward, learn new skills and develop clear strategic plans to help streamline and increase sales. with new sales and marketing strategies. 

I review , analyse and assess with fresh eyes what is holding you back. 

The creative & design industry is my forte, having owned and operated my own brands for many years before selling them and then working in executive roles within iconic Australian brands.

Sales Strategies | Business Planning | Marketing Plans | Visual Merchandising | Staff training | 

International and local trade shows | Mentoring staff | 

Retail overhaul | Pricing for Interior Design |

Are you a creative but lacking resources to execute ideas?

Do you need an overall Business strategy of what to do next?

Stuck in a rut?  Profit stalling or just keeping your head above water.

Maybe you are starting out?  Need help in getting going on what to do first?

 How do you make a profit? 

Are you a retail store that is struggling with margin and product mix. 

How to get your assortment right and making sure your bottom line is healthy.

Do you want to start wholesaling your range but unsure where to start?

Do you have most things covered but no idea how to implement Instagram and Facebook.

Whether it be sales strategies, planning, branding, marketing, team building, restructuring, product development, financial planning or just a much needed objective overview.

I can help you take your business to a new level.


I love to teach, educate and mentor.  It is in my blood.  I have been a High Scool teacher, Swimming teacher, University lecturer, Retail Store Manager and Owner and worked in leadership positions in the corporate world.

I really do love to share what I know and work with clients that are thirsty for more knowledge.  It is a win win situation. 


Just wanted to let you know how incredibly valuable both the business review and the retail overhaul has been.  Not only was it 2 days of total attention to my business and physical space, but you also travelled thousands of kms to remote Central Western Queensland! And although you both might be hard and true Melbournites, everything you had to offer translated perfectly to this very different context. In fact on day 2 we witnessed immediate results with sales we never thought we could do. I can’t thank you enough.   And… the journey has just begun!  I’m looking forward to continuing working with you as an official client over the next 12 months. 

Samantha Faint, Vivians Emporium.

Thank you so much for our session the other week, it definitely helped me tick off all the goals and got me into gear. I felt the experience was tailored to what I was needing and not just a generic service for all businesses. 

 It is probably the best thing I have done to seek out advice and set up a game plan for starting up.

Thanks again for all your help!

Ashleigh Stoddart, Ash&Co design studio



Don't stand still or you will become a fossil. Challenge yourself, your business, your brand and embrace ‘new & different'. Is what you're doing still valuable in your industry, still profitable? What can you add to your brand offering that will help you grow and excel. Take a risk. Not too big, but risk is good.


We see things with fresh eyes. We step into your space, into your zone and review what you're doing and how you're doing it. Are you doing it right for now, for the current market? Have you evolved with your customers (new & old)? Could you be doing things better? We will tell you, no BS involved.


If you don’t evolve, make changes and try things differently, we can guarantee you your competitors will. So let us help you grow into a better version of your current self. What worked back then doesn't now. People have changed, our lifestyles have evolved and we now live in a global market, not the Australian market. So you need to embrace change in order to maintain and grow success.


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