Are you a smart educated career woman who has switched into a creative industry?

Do you want clarity on this industry of Retail and Wholesale?  From someone who has over 20 years experience in it?

Sick of googling all the answers to how to build your creative business?

If you want clarity on your business direction and idea then I can help you. 

I work with businesses on Wholesale, Retail, Sales, Marketing, Finance and so much more.. 
 I help you map out your plan of attack so you know exactly what steps to take next in your business.

Business Coaching for the Retail, Fashion and Design Industries.

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Oh and I am a colour lover and chai latte drinker. 
If you are looking for some clarity, direction, and strategy then I can help!! 
Whether you are just starting out, switching careers, a Retail store owner, Brand builders, or working on your side hustle. 

I love to guide, help, coach and inspire you on your journey. 
We will strategize, review and make plans to drive you towards your business growth. 

I specialize in working with Retailers, Online stores, Product-based businesses, Artists, Fashion labels, Interior Designers and more.

let's get to know each other

business coach, consultant, teacher, mentor, digital marketer and podcaster!!

hey, I'm melissa.




A podcast devoted to helping creative business owners thrive.

LISTEN to THElotco business PODCAST

It’s a show that brings you tips, tricks and strategies to help you as an entrepreneur start, manage, and grow your creative business.
If you are a small business and feeling stuck on what to do next or how to actually kick start your idea, then tune in for some straightforward, practical business advice as well as interviews with inspiring females in the fashion, beauty and homewares space who will share not just what they do, but also how.
We cover marketing, finance, motivation, mindset and so much more. Walk away inspired to know how to start your own business or take these tips to help you grow and love the business you have now.


- karina jambrak

that I had previously worked on to make sales more streamlined. When you're working on your own business it is so easy to get stuck on the little things so it's nice to have someone there help you see the bigger picture, to listen, provide you with honest answers and to hold you accountable. She is also just a genuinely lovely person. I can't recommend Thelotco highly enough.

Mel has helped me set achievable goals and has also fine-tuned parts of my business

- belinda
chasing springtime 

all at the same time. Calm, because I knew which steps to take and how and when to take them. Excitement, because I could see the direction I needed to move in and how it would open doors to greater success. 

After my first session I had direction, clarity, and a sense of calm and excitement


We have an established ecommerce business and we booked a 1 on 1 coaching session with Mel to explore a specific business opportunity. She was able to dive straight in and provide valuable insight and knowledge - exactly the information we were seeking. We left the session with a clear plan to move forward. I'd highly recommend working with Mel.

 She was able to dive straight in and provide valuable insight and knowledge - exactly the information we were seeking. 

- Kate and MARGIE- WOnderPETS.

Engaging a business consultant when you’ve been in business for a long time isn’t an easy decision as it’s hard to imagine how any person new to our business could add true value in only a few hours. We recently engaged Melissa Robbins of The Lot Co. for a Deep Dive workshop into our eCommerce business, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Melissa was able to immediately step into our shoes and systematically review almost all areas of the business. Her practical approach and recommendations were supported by multiple working examples and case studies which gave us great confidence to make some changes. Melissa’s firsthand experience in all areas of retail from pricing to branding, sales pipelines to digital marketing were of tremendous value to us and we highly recommend the small investment to have your business examined through The Lot Co. lens.

Melissa was able to immediately step into our shoes and systematically review almost all areas of the business. 



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