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I have a passion to inspire, mentor & nurture and with my extensive industry experience I can help you, your business or your idea become the real thing with the best tips and tricks to start you off on the right foot. Straightforward, practical and genuine business advice.

I ran my own Retail Stores for many years (I get what it means to work hard!) before selling them and then working in Management roles within iconic Australian brands. 

As a Business Coach I help you move forward, learn new skills, and develop clear strategic plans that streamline your business and increase sales. I review, analyze, and assess your business with fresh eyes. 

Over 20+ years of experience with everything business, retail, fashion, marketing and sales

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- bea lambos of bea and co style

 for me as I ventured into my own business with many questions and many unknowns - its great to nut these out with someone who has business experience and steer you in the right direction!

The Lotco was definitely a step in the right direction


- Emily & Rhona, Hampton Lane 

We were inexperienced in this industry but they gave us the confidence, knowledge and support to follow our dream.
Our store grows everyday and our mistakes are minimal because of what we have learned.
If we ever lose focus, we just refresh with the tools Mel has given us.

We would not have opened our Retail store if it was not for Mel and thelotco!!


Lee Docherty, Gather & HArvest

We met with Melissa earlier this year to assist us with developing a plan and strategies to take our Gather & Harvest goods to a wider wholesale audience. 
It was great to sit down with someone and talk openly and honestly about our business and review what has worked and what we could tweak. Our retail business is only 12 months old and it was great to get some mentoring and guidance early on help us plan our future.
We would defiantly recommend The Lot Co services to others.

She was fantastic in helping us review our current business model and assist us to develop a plan for the future.


the reviews

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