July 5, 2024

The 8 Different Product Images You Must Have to Convert Browsers to Buyers.

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The 8 Different Product Images You Must Have to Convert Browsers to Buyers.



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When you have a product business you are always trying to figure out where to spend your money and where the best next place to invest your cashflow is.

A constant struggle right?

 One of the places I always suggest whether you are a new brand, established Retail stores or those who want to constantly evolve in this online visual space is your imagery!  

We humans are visual people! The visual imagery you share is part of the reason customers buy your products. 

And one pic is not enough.

In this latest podcast episode I share the 8 types of product shots you need either online or in your wholesale catalogue to convert browsers into buyers. 

There are at least eight specific types of photos you should have for each of your products.

1. Individual Clear Product Shot

Show the product itself with no distractions, so customers can see the product clearly.

2. Styled Shot

This shot gives the product the extra oomph it needs for customers to see the product with other things around it.

3. Real Life Style Shot

Show customers how your product is used in everyday life.

4. Closeup Shot

If there is a certain material or detail that is unique, let customers see it with a closeup photo.

5. Packaging Shot

This shot shows customers exactly what to expect when it comes in the mail. I always recommend having fun packaging!

6. Bundled or Grouped Shot

Show customers what it will look like if they buy multiple products or a set of products to see how cohesive they are.

7. Process Shot

Show your customers how the product is made or a certain part of the production process that will make them want to buy.

8. Infographic Product Shot

This shot has words and phrases relevant to the photo and explains more details about the product

Podcast Episode

Imagery for product businesses makes a huge difference in the amount of products you’re going to sell. Even if you don’t have the resources to do a full photoshoot, you can still do some of these photos to produce higher quality photos.

In this episode, I discuss all of the following:

  • 01:43 The 8 types of photos to have for your products on your website
  • 07:01 Why is imagery important?
  • 08:04 Communicate with your photographer
  • 09:04 Fashion brands imagery
  • 11:46 Editing and updating photos


These eight types of product images are key to selling your products. Producing high-quality photos with many different shots shows your customers exactly what the product is and how they can use it in their everyday lives. Make sure to tune into this episode for more information!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for your continued support of thelotco business podcast. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your online store and watch your sales soar!

Brands shown here include celia loves, marmoset found and ele effect.

Watch the Instagram Live with Paige Noelle Stylist.

Use Path Edits to edit your photos.

To listen to this episode of the podcast for even more information click here.

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