Thinking of starting facebook ads? 5 things to do in your business before you start.

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So you think you just need to start Facebook ads and everything will be ok? I see this all the time in my Retail Membership for e-commerce DTC brands and lifestyle retail stores. Before you start throwing money at an ads manager have you done all these things in your business first?

Today I am listing out 5 things you should know, be doing, or have set up in your product-based business or e-commerce store before spending a cent on any ads.

These are things that every eCommerce business owner should be doing.  It is worth getting someone to help you with them or you DIY’ing these things so that every dollar you do spend on Facebook (or Instagram) ads is going to give you a really good ROI (return on investment).

Set these up or understand these aspects and then you can go ahead and spend up (I love Facebook ads by the way but only when you are ready!!).

If you want help with understanding your numbers – increasing your (average order value),  improving your conversion rate (as well as abandon cart rate), boosting that RCR (return customer rate) then sign up to my 5-day series to increase your numbers.

And send me a DM on instagram with all your stats and I will let you know if I thjinkyou are ad ready!!

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I mentioned the all-in-one list for how to improve your Shopify store’s SEO.
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Google keyword planner can be found here.

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