October 28, 2020

10 (+) of my fave photo apps for Social Media!!

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10 (+) of my fave photo apps for Social Media!!



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Now there are SO many photo apps to choose from on the App store I thought I would give you a heads up on my favourite photo editing apps and also tools to help you with organising and being creative with your socials.

Just a disclaimer here, I am no professional photographer but I do have over 30 different apps on my phone for editing images, video , layouts and more so I have tested a LOT!!

Now some of these are free and others have a small fee either annual or once off. I think the best ones are worth paying for and removing any adds or in app purchases also.Remember they are a tax deduction too 🙂 (again disclaimer I am no accountant).

You want them to be easy to use, simple and something you can edit images quickly (between 2-10 mins per image).

First up for me is:

This is my most used Photo editing app and I personally think it is super easy to use.

I mostly just select the photo and then use the 3 lines (second button from the right) to edit away. It offers much more choice of editng than the standard editing in photos app.

I always change the brightness, exposure, clarity and saturation. Sometimes I play around with highlights and sharpening but not always. Someone gave me a tip once that was if you are editing skin colour add in the magenta highlight and take it back to almost 0 to add a nice warm glow.

I have added an example before and after here.

Before (this pic I took at @cint_boutique) when I was there for The Huddle).

photo apps for social media

After: Now tell me that is not more appealing!!!

photo apps for social media

Just one from home I posted on instagram.

photo apps for social media

Next is:


You will see this one get mentioned a lot for editing and on favourite lists. It really gives a gorgeous clean image and you can use the same filters over again and create a consistent look for your brand/store.You can edit videos with this also.

Some of my before and after images.

photo apps for social media
photo apps for social media
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

And some other examples from the VSCO website.

photo apps for social media


Now this app allows you to buy others presets which means you can just add the same filter over almost any photo and they will turn out consistently.

Or you can also create your own too.

Examples of some presets are here:

photo apps for social media

There are so many available on Etsy for a really low price point ($5-$19). I would suggest having a play with the app first before buying any though.

Here is a link to some freebie presets for you to test out too.

photo apps for social media


This is an Instagram created app and an easy way to add photos in sets of 9 or side by side or a set of 4.

Here are a few ways I have used previously.

There are multiple ways you can edit too.

photo apps for social media
photo apps for social media


Is a little controversial as it removes blemishes and can change the shape of bodies so is essentially like plastic surgery, however with all the filters these days it is really nothing new!!

It is awesome for patching up things you do not want in the background, smoothing out surfaces, blurring backgrounds, removing that pimple on your chin or smoothing out wrinkles here and there!!!

I really like facetune (not facetune 2).

This shows me with and without a glass in my hand. It is certainly not a great job of editing here but I just wanted to show that if you just want to quickly remove an item or blur it you can.

photo apps for social media
photo apps for social media


I love the way this can be used zhush up a boring photo.

photo apps for social media

Instead of the same same pose it just lifts the ante a little to offer something different.

Here are examples of how you can use it.

photo apps for social media


Now this is not just an app but it deserves a mention as it is so super useful and has changed the game when it comes to creating your own graphics and resizing images or creating cover pages for facebook etc….You can either just use the free version which is amazing!! Or get premium and be able to resize images, remove backgrounds and lots more.

I create so many of my daily instagram posts on canva.

There is also Canva IG story and Video maker which is super fun way to create templates for instagram stories.


Create those fun little clips of glasses clinking or spinning skirts and so so much more!!

A special mention to a few others I use or have used in the past which I do love. Just depending upon what type of imagery you edit and the type of filters you like to achieve.

Camera+, Color story, Giant Square and Inshot for video

Now these apps are not magical. You still need a semi good photo to start with and there are lots of tips that help with that but they are for another time!!

Good luck with these are I would love it if you send me any suggestions you have or your fave apps that you cannot live without.

Melissa. xx

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