Small Business survival guide

guide to small business

Are you a retailer, brand or entrepreneur?

I have created a small business survival guide for you here on a few ways that you can cope with the current situation we find ourselves in.

What to do? ⁣
How to cope? ⁣
What can I control? ⁣

guide to small business

As a small business owner, it’s no surprise that the happenings of this world will deeply impact you. ⁣Many of you have asked about guidance and assistance for how to cope right now. ⁣
What can you do?  
How do you as a Retailer, Brand or Entrepreneur cope with everything?  How do you adapt, change and pivot?

I certainly do not profess to have all the answers or have a crystal ball to help you and show you what is going to happen.

What I have created though is a Small Business Survival guide to cover some things you can do whilst this is all going on.

I will take through some strategies and actions that you can put in place. I imagine many of you are feeling stressed, worried and anxious about what it means for your business now and also and what is to come in the next year and beyond.

These are just a few tips to try and help in anyway possible.

Please reach out if you have specific questions.  I am happy to assist or guide in anyway possible.

Sending love and wishing you your family stays safe and well.

Melissa. xx