An interview with Karina Jambrak

image of karina jambrak on a stool surrounded by her art
image of karina jambrak on a stool surrounded by her art

I have been trying to get Karina on the podcast since I started it almost a year ago.

Karina is a client of mine and I am so very honoured to welcome her to the podcast.

Now she is not one to talk about herself too much or blow her own trumpet so to ask her to come on and chat about herself for an hour was a big ask I can tell you.

She is very humble and very reluctant to even call herself an artist at times.

But an artist she is and one is who is on the walls and beds(!) of many many Australian and international homes.

I am of course referencing the collaborations she has recently done with companies like Adairs, Kollab and others.

We chat today about her journey, what is important to her and where she is heading next.

Listen here.

I hope you enjoy today’s chat and as you will hear me mention to find out more about Karina head to @karina_jambrak or find her work at

karina jambrak artworks with new stickers on top
lounge room with two cane chairs and karina jambrak wall art
bedroom wioth karina jambrak art against the wall

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