May 4, 2021

Why using Reels should be part of your Instagram strategy!!

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Why using Reels should be part of your Instagram strategy!!



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Gone are the days when you needed to post on your Instagram feed 3 times a day just to be seen (hello chronological feed 👋🏻).

When your feed was the only thing you had to (or could) do on Instagram.

Things have changed and you need to be changing too.

Now I know you don’t want to be learning something new and I am the first to say stop chasing shiny objects (or squirrels as some like to say) but video and reels are here to stay.

If Instagram is where your audience hangs out and that is where their attention is (a few hours a day if my tracking is anything to go by) then you need to be there too and spend a bit of time getting your strategy right.

Getting specific for Retail stores and Brands your new instagram content should look a little something like this every week:

3-4 posts on your feed (showcasing what you have in store or a mix of lifetsyle, product and inspiration shots).

2-3 stories per day (these can be behind the scenes, quotes, inspirational imagery that does not fit on your feed, video of you talking to the camera or behind the camera showing a shop tour, how to etc…).

Then at least 1 reel if possible!!! As well as an occassional IGTV if that is what your customers respond to.

Your feed should be a mixture of videos, reels, IGTV, shop and carousel posts and then one off imagery also.

DO not just post campaign imagery from the brands you stock and expect to stand out from the noise.

DO not just post photos only and use no video at all.

DO not get stuck on never evolving and moving with what the audience responds to.

DO not just SELL everytime you post something or create content.

DO NOT keep posting product shots only or lifestyle shots only. Mix it up.

Now back onto Reels. Why Reels?

They get eyes on your content and products, they entertain people, they keep people engaging with your content longer, they have a longer life span than regular posts or stories, they have their own algorithm so can get engagement even if you don’t have huge followers. They encourage growth like no other content right now.

They can be FUN!!!! (yes also time consuming but see above ⬆️).

Here are some ideas on what sort you can create for your Instagram.

Come back to this when you are next stuck!

I see a lot of my retail (online and bricks and mortar) clients with objections or stuck on ideas on what to create for reels.
I get it. You often don’t have time to be creative.
To help you out here are ideas.

Remember they don’t need to be perfect (mine are far from), they should be fun, you will get better the more you do them.

✨introduce yourself
✨ introduce your staff
✨showcase new arrivals -fashion outfit changes, whole range of vases, new bed linen (use transitions).
✨show a before and after shot of window display or new table display.
✨do a tour of your space.
✨share the different jobs (hats you wear) you wear as a small business retailer.
✨film a funny lip sync (see @haloandgrace for inspo).
✨show time lapse of your day or store.
✨share how to use your products or special instructions.
✨behind the scenes – buying, designing, serving.
✨show some history of your time in business.
✨share a product in multiple locations in a home or store display (ie one vase styled 5 ways).
✨share the choices of your staff walking opposite ways…(ie -jean lover, dress lover, night owl or early bird).
✨trending dance/music
✨showcase your external store signage or local area.

Over the next few weeks/months I will add more examples to my stories on great examples of reels I love!

In the meantime check out Olivia Rubin. She has some great examples of transitions and fun entertaining clips.

olivia rubin in a rainbow colour dress creating a reel

Hope this has given you a bit of inspiration and ideas on where to get started!!!
Let me know what you are going to try first 👇🏼👇🏼

If you want to learn a bit more about how to actually create a Reel you can get a copy of my Reels tutorial here! Xxx 😘😘😘


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