October 27, 2020

Do you have an Instagram worthy space??

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Do you have an Instagram worthy space??



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image showing the museum of ice cream store in soho new york and how the colorful pink and peach tones make it instagram worthy

Do you have a retail store, cafe, pop up event or somewhere you want to attract customers to?
If so you need to take advantage of the social media age and visual hungry time we live in and have an instagrammable space.
Is there a special wall or feature, shelf or artwork that your customers can take pictures of?

Do you have an instagram worthy feature or installation or entrance to your store? Are your customers compelled to take pictures and also post them to their own social media?

merchandising tips

The fit out of your store has the power to create a memorable experience for you customer.A great brand experience combined with great product can also create long term brand loyalty from customers.

It does not have to an expensive installation or high end VM props to be worthy.

A good place to start is with some photo worthy displays. Artfully arranged merchandise, #lessismore or it could be as simple as a quote stencilled onto a wall.

zebra wall mural instagram worthy


image showing retail display table in Melbourne that has a gorgeous neutral display make it instagram worthy

This is a stunning retail display from Melbourne store Love the Secret Room. @lovethesecretroom

How cool is this flower arch (takes a bit more work but gee it would get some traction!!)(from PHD Terrace NY @phdterraceny)

There are lots of ideas on how to create a memorable and visually appealing background. Sometimes it just takes a bit of DIY and lots and lots of streamers!!! (or balloons…)

There are even artists who specialise in creating instagram worthy events like @theshiftcreative so many amazing installations here.

If you do happen to have the budget then there is always a store like Glossier to get inspired by.

glossier store with amazing retail design thelotco retail coach

They are certainly leaders in creating a memorable retail experience.

Other things you can do in store to encourage customers to not only visit but post about it and share with friends and followers alike.
Offer seating – customers can linger longer, wait for friends and have time to post on instagram/tik tok.

Ensure you aisles are wide enough for bending down, allowing multiple shoppers through a pathway, have room for prams if you have lots of young customers.

Create an interesting pathway through your store. Use your fittings to change this up regularly also.

Offer incentives for taking photos and tagging your store (giveaways or vouchers every so often).

Here are some more pics to hopefully inspire you to make some changes, paint that door, change you curtain, install a mural or design some neon.


Simple but super cute curtain via @delicate-vacuum

Cute wall mural.

In-store wall mural from @banyanbridges


Social media can be a powerful tool to amp up your brand image, help your store to be found by new customers as well as talked about and hopefully bring in the customers that leads to sales.

I look forward to hearing about what you have done for your retail store to up the customer experience (CX), inspire lots of customer generated imagery and put the fun back into physical retail too!!!

If you want support, help and guidance on running a successful Retail store whether ecommerce or bricks and mortar physical store then check out my Profitable Product Business Roadmap where I dive into every facet of successful retail!

image showing simple wall banner to create a fun and enticing instagram worthy space in your retail store.
fabulous pastel crepe paper banner for retail display and background prop.

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