February 21, 2020

Meet the team

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Meet the team



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Hello!!! Thanks for joining me here at thelotco.

My name is Melissa and I love hot chips, Melbourne weather (I know unusual!!) and teaching others how to get the most out of themselves!!

The name thelotco was chosen to reflect that I do the lot!!! I have lots of experience in all facets of fashion, business and design. Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Retail, Wholesale, Product development, Buying, Business strategy and so much more.

After many years & years of retail, wholesale & manufacturing experience I now work with other businesses to help them grow, evolve and change.

I began my working life at an early age working in the various businesses my parents had. Making lolly bags, delivering milk. All sorts of things!! This helped instill in me a passion for being self employed, and an entrepeneur. Always doing something!!

I love exclamation marks (obvious right), and colour or color depending upon where you are located.

I was once a High School Maths and Science teacher (hello former students :)) but have always loved fashion and design or being creative.

I started my own fashion brand (with my sister) in the early 2000’s and we grew that to an almost million dollar (not quite!) business selling throughout Australia and the world.

That allowed us to travel the world to trade shows, manufacturers, inspiration trips and more. Lots of fun but also hard work. We opened a Retail store and then I pretty much took over form there. She left to pursue a job inside the fashion business world (now a Global Product Director – fancy!)

I built up the Retail store over a number of years and eventually sold it to move on to other avenues. During that time I had young kids, lectured Fashion Business part-time at a Fashion School and also ran my friends instagram page!

I realized whilst doing my resume and Linkedin profile a little while ago that I have nearly always had multiple jobs. Trying to figure out the dates on your CV when they all crossover is sometimes tough to explain to recruiters (when I was briefly looking for a job!).

I have always had a side hustle, keeping busy, multitasking, helping others out or testing the waters for new ways to do things.

After briefly (3 years) going to work for someone else (I worked in the corporate world as a National Brand & Sales Manager for a leading Australian accessories brand) I ended up here teaching others again. I would get asked lots of questions and constantly be offering advice to retailers, or brands in appointmnets that it naturally evolved into thelotco as it is now.

It really is my passion to teach, mentor, coach, consult however you want to define it.

I love to work with Retailers, Entrepreneurs, Side hustlers and Brands to start their business, build their business, evolve and grow their business, teach them some tricks and tips that I have learnt along the way.

Looking back now I wish I had someone like myself to ask the questions hence I am trying to offer that now.

I am passionate about marketing, sales, branding, social media, retail, wholesale & have a passion for the fashion, design and interior industries. You should see how many magazines I still have ??.

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you soon!!

Melissa. xx #businessmentors#consulting#independantretailconsultant#mentor#businesscoach#buinesstips

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