November 4, 2020

Create a GIFT Guide this holiday season!!

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Create a GIFT Guide this holiday season!!



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If you are a retail store or online store you need to send a/numerous gift guides to your customers to show them exactly what you have available.

There is so much information in this world we live in that sometimes you need others to filter for you what is available. Some websites have 1000’s of items listed and no-one is able to spend time searching for your best products.

If you are an online store make sure you have filters and menus that show “Best gifts under $50” or “Best gifts for your Mum”, “Gifts by room”, “Best Sellers” etc….Whatever is appropriate for your customer and your store. Make it easy for customers. Give them options and use keywords that are helpful for you SEO also.

To match up with those menus create a Gift guide with a handful of the items that fit those categories. Send it to your customers via EDM (email newsletter), post it on your social media feeds ad share it to stories etc….

If you are a Bricks and Mortar retailer with no website (WHAT!?) , I know there are still a lot of you out there. You can still create the Gift Guide and share it everywhere but just let customers know that they can call you or message you to order over the phone etc…

I have added this pdf below to show you the steps to create the Gift Guide.

guide with shopify

It is assuming a little bit of knowledge of Canva and Shopify as well as a a marketing platform like Mailchimp or similar.

If these steps seem too short in detail please send me a message and I will see if I can expand on these for you.

If you do not have your own online store. Then here is a simplified version.


Now to help out my family I have created this Gift Guide / Wish list using numerous websites to collate imagery from. For this one all the products are linked back to my Pinterest page and it is under my my personal wish list!!

I will be sending this one to my husband, mum and sisters :)..


Hope this helps even a little.

Check out my pinterest page for more examples of Gift Guides and I have some other blog posts here that help you increase your sales in any Retail store, Online store or Wholesale business.

Every business from a Homewares and lifestyle store, to a beautician, to a fashion brand should be creating some sort of guide to help customers filter.

I would love to see some the ones that have been sent out or created. Send them to me and I will add to my pinterest board, and links on the blog also.

Happy Gifting. xxxxx

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