November 26, 2020

How to get more traffic to your website! 15 tips to increase visitors to your online store.

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How to get more traffic to your website! 15 tips to increase visitors to your online store.



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Today I want to talk to you about traffic.  Traffic to your online store or website.  How to get more of it what some tactics are to generate interest and bring more people onto your site.  That old saying of build it and they will come.  Well….not so much.  The competition is strong but if you employ some of the things, I will run through here then traffic can certainly go up!

When conversion is sitting around 2-4% for ecommerce you can see why you need to constantly have more traffic and new traffic for you to be able to actual convert some of those into sales.

Now I went through in podcast no. 2 how to make sure your website and online presence is strong, and I also dive much deeper into this in my get your busines online ready short curse too if you want extra info.

But today is something that a lot of my clients and members in thelotco collective ask about a lot and I wanted to give an overview of ways that can and help you increase number actually finding you.,

Before I get into it, I would so appreciate it if you could leave a rating and review for me afterwards and share a screenshot on your socials too.  Make sure you tag me @thelotco

Right so getting more traffic to your website.    

I am going to run through 15 things here to help you.

1.     Tell more people about it!!

Seems obvious right but you’d be surprised. 

If you have a bricks and mortar store share it on:




Online store only- that’s ok.

Talk about it on your Socials 

Include link in your Bio and email signature

Have links to shop from Facebook.  Use the 

Shop features on products on facebook and instagram.

 2.     Write blog posts on your own site about popular products. Include links to products within own site and where relevant or possible external links to reference other sites.  This is really important to make sure you add links to increase ranking power SEO

Example my client Karina Jambrak has a collaboration going with Adairs so she wrote a blog post about it and made sure she included links back to her own product and also links to the Adairs website.  

 3. Use Pinterest

Pin everything from Instagram and everything from your website 

Get active on it. Promote it.
4.    Engagement is a big one. How others find out about you. Comment on socials, get active in Facebook groups, be helpful and authentic.  Follow others.  Be active.

 5.    Collaboration with others.  Giveaways, sharing others posts on your stories, creating products with other brands or artists.  One of my clients Marlo and Co has a gorgeous outdoor cushion range but uses amazing up and coming artists for the designs.  

 6.    Reach out for Editorial and send PR to magazines or relevant blogs. I always visit stores after finding them in a magazine or seeing them on another blog.

7.    Or write blog posts / stories for others – if this is in your wheelhouse of skills use it!!!  One of my clients is a former magazine editor and now has her own product.  So, we talked about her writing for other blogs.  Others are always looking for content too.  Help them. Check out

 8.    Community activity. – bricks and mortar have street events. Or join with other businesses to have a workshop or pop up inside.  NZ clients (fashion boutique)  had a brow expert come into store – I loved this!

 9.    SEO

Use language your customer does. Product description have short keywords and blog posts should have both short and long tail keywords.

 Long tail keywords 4-5-word search terms. Kate Toon has amazing detail on how to improve your website SEO.

 Pink linen maxi dress?  Example I recently searched for.

 10. Build a database collect emails and use them!!!

Send edm’s send special offers VIP only.   Stay in touch regularly by providing value, info, entertainment and offers occasionally too. 

I use flodesk for my email system.

11.  Influencers – get others to talk about you! Reviews ask for UGC (user generated content)

Encourage customer to tag you.  Create an experience they will want to share. 

Unboxing is a big deal.  Example of a cute and creative one is Rachel Castle from Castle and things.

 12. Blog guest others /feature others so they’ll share it. Feature your brands you carry in store.  Share their story.  Or share your stockists and feature them and what else they carry. Example is a AQOF website, Kylie is a former client also!

 13. Use Video content on your socials, blogs, products.  either instructional or entertainment depending upon your product.  

How to tie baby headband example is from one of my clients  Avani and Co.

Or how to style bedroom like 

14. Create content with other brands and products.  When I had my store, I always created flat lays and styled shots in store with other brands that I sold but then I made sure I  tagged them, and they would often share too.  I ran the Marmoset Found Instagram for years and would always re-share the stores imagery (especially if it was stunning like so many were!).

 15. Paid advertising 

It works.  Either DIY, do a course or get someone to do it for you.  Well worth the investment and planning!  Whether facebook ads, instagram ads, pinterest or google ads. Bianca Mckenzie has a great course you could take.

 Track what is working, review your analytics and go harder on the ones that work and bring you traffic. You can see where traffic is coming from and what is sending people your way.  Double down on those that seem to be helping!!!

 I have a little checklist here of these for you to download if you like.

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