How to smash your Christmas sales!!

christmas baubles glitter
christmas baubles glitter

Retailer? Or store owner? It’s that one time of year when we can count on retail to boom. But its been tough one out there for many and just in case you’d like a little help and guidance, here are a few tips for retailers to push up sales during Christmas trade.

Have you….

🎄Got new products coming into store that are targeted to Christmas? Are they new and unique? Not the same same as all the other stores around. New & unique is what customers are looking for from local traders.

🎄Have you got the perfect teachers gift and a good range of awesome kris kringle options? And at the right price points? Under $20. And are they sitting on your counter or really close by?

🎄What new brands have you got coming in to excite your customers?

🎄Have you got ideas for new ways to display /VM your current stock?

🎄Be consistently unique, interesting & innovative. Step outside the retail box and look at overseas retailers for inspiration.

🎄What higher margin products do you have instore? This is crucial for retail survival and growth.

🎄Cater for all your customer needs, do you offer free Christmas gift wrap? And is it awesome and exciting?

🎄Keep a small budget for sell out items that need to be re-ordered before Christmas.

🎄Make sure your counter is bursting with goodness. Fill baskets and display boxes with low price add ons.

🎄Do you know what direction your customers move around store, track behaviour and maximise direction and location customers linger so that you can capitalise on sales.

🎄Make sure new products are positioned near the entrance and around your counter.

🎄Signage – price every item!!!! ALWAYS. No excuses. I can’t emphasise enough the difference this makes to sales.

🎄How often is your window changed (complete changeover)? And when will you have a Christmas themed window installed? Ps. It should be NOW.

🎄Everyone loves fresh flowers and greens. If you don’t have fresh plants in store, sort that out now!

🎄Have you got that crazy priced loss leader in store. That one item your customers can aspire to buy.

🎄Get your major suppliers to help you deck out a Christmas window display.

Good luck and enjoy this wonderful time of year! Retail is not dead….but if you don’t evolve and grow it won’t be pretty for long.

Merry Christmas and happy selling XX