Retailer highlight no. 1 – Zudis Lifestyle, Melbourne Australia

Let us introduce Zudis Lifestyle.

Romina and Philip opened a store in Parkdale 10 years ago, then added a second to the mix called Midas & Min. They have continuously sourced and stocked local design and creative brands, supporting Australian talent.
With an exceptional eye for detail, they deliver beautiful products with the very best service.

We got to meet these two lovelies not long ago and they are simply divine. Grounded and humble and incredibly super ace at what they do. As thelotco I see a lot. I travel far and wide, not only in Australia but also international retail . I’ve been in fashion, retail and wholesale for over 20yrs and understand the importance of ‘the next step’.

Recently this dynamic duo decided it was time to shake things up. Take it up a notch and make a real impact. So they moved into a beautifully renovated warehouse in Mentone and Zudis Lifestyle emporium was born.
Its somewhere you want to visit, shop and stay!

The question was do they leave things as they are, be complacent, hope business stays strong or do they put their future success in their hands and control where they go?

On a daily basis I see retailers sitting still. Being complacent. Doing things like they’ve always done them. Buying from the same brands they always buy from and complain to us that retail is dead.

Well no. I say take a little responsibility. Yes, its SUPER bloody tough out there, but what are you actively doing about it?

What’s changed?
What are your plans to grow and evolve?
What are your new ideas?
Where are you planning to source from next year? Australian trade shows are brilliant, but shouldn’t be your only options.

These are questions I ask our clients everyday. And the answers can be quite scary.

If you love what you do and want to keep doing it, then roll up your sleeves, invest in some help and guidance and smash out those goals.

Today. Not tomorrow. That might just be too late.

Good on you Zudis. We wish you continued success. You deserve it.