September 28, 2020

Increasing sales for your Retail store or Brand

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Increasing sales for your Retail store or Brand



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If you are looking (who isn’t!) to increase your sales whether you have a retail store, a brand or an online store then you need to have, build and serve your email database.

It’s less than seven weeks of Christmas, so wanting to check in with everyone.

What have you got planned. And what is your marketing schedule for the next seven weeks.

Do you have the right schedule? Do you have gift guides that you created?
Are you actually contacting customers to make sure that you’ve told them exactly what you have in store. When your new deliveries have arrived. What specials you’ve got going on. Are you planning on in being involved in the Black Friday sale or the Cyber Monday sales coming up. It’s a US based Thanksgiving thing but it’s certainly something that a lot of Australian stores now partake in and it can be huge for online sales that day.
What are you doing to make sure that you’ve really thought about the next seven weeks to capitalize on all the biggest gift purchasing period.

To help you add I have added a content planner on the freebie link so you can download that to help out a little!!Over the next few weeks I’m just going to continue to add tips to instagram stories and also on the blog, to help you increase your sales whether your retailer or your brand.

Just to make sure that there may be a few things that you might not have thought of so I’ll just hopefully that’ll help you out a little bit, and you can check in each day and also online tosee what we’ve been talking about.

One of the first things that you need to do as a retail store or and or wholesale brand is to make sure that you build up an email database. It still surprises me when I work with stores or brands and they do not have one (or do not use it!!) some stores say they don’t want to impose on customers, or they unsure how to go about collecting information.

You need to make sure that you collect as much data as possible, whether that’s at point of sale yourself or staff making sure that input the customers emails (asking permission of course).

Anyone who orders online you should be adding them to your database.
Make sure you have something, a digital or just a printout on your counter, where people can add themselves to the mailing list, have promotions or giveaway to encourage people to add themselves your database, have opt ins on your website (pop ups are great- but make sure you are actually offering value to encourage joining).

There’s lots of things you can do to actually build a database and I can go deeper into that, if that’s something that people are after. but make sure you capture that information!!

Your Facebook or Instagram followers could disappear anytime. The email database is something you own.

Once you’ve got a database and it can be start with as little as five people that you need to start contacting to let them know what you actually have available. You need to communicate with that database, constantly, whether it’s once a week, or in certain peak periods it might be two or three times a week. At the bare minimum once a fortnight, just to make sure that they know that you’re still there and what’s happening. Don’t make it always about sales so you got to be informative as well as give sales information, but please make sure you create and pain and build a database of emails and contact details for customers.

Make sure you follow along on instagram and check in on stories for the next few weeks to see what is happening and what tips you can pick up!!

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