New York whirlwind

We had a 3 week trip in Feb and March to San Francisco, New York and Auckland.

It was a whirlwind trip and we loved every minute of it!! Two trade shows within 1 week over 3 pitstops.

First stop was a mini one with only 2 days in San Francisco. Lots of shops visited – sourcing new stockists for the brand Nancybird we were working for, as well as a visit to Quay Australia Head Office to visit my sister who is Senior Director of of Product and Merchandising at Quay.

Then time to hit the air again for 8 days in NYC is always going to be fun but we were determined to make the most of it with a jam packed schedule.

We had 4 days of full on work (Capsule trade show slotted in at Pier 94) and 4 days to cover our inspiration list.

A ‘to do’ list that was long and detailed. We categorised our list in to sections of food, bars, tourist, shopping and instagram photo opportunities!!

Taiyaki Icecream @taiyaki

Wearing our fitbits we clocked up over 20,000 steps most days with some hitting almost 30,000!! New York is a city that is super easy to get around and the way we planned it could walk between things or a quick subway trip to get where we needed to go.

We snapped pics of inspiring retail stores, awesome visual merchandising (VM) and so much inspo about how to market your brand, product, store and more.







@eatalyflatiron If you want a list of all our must sees stay tuned!!!! #newyork#tradeshows#tradeshowpreparation#visitny