October 28, 2020

Top 5 merchandising tips to increase sales in your Retail store

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Top 5 merchandising tips to increase sales in your Retail store



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Visual merchandising or VM as it’s known in the biz. So crucial for your store’s success. You need to make sure your VM is on point and besides having the right product mix and best customer service going around it is one way to increase sales immediately.

I have listed the 5 top tips here to make sure you are on top of your visual merchandising!!

1. Change change change. Your window display should change regularly. Whether that is once month or every fortnight it needs to look completely new. Keep it simple though. Sometimes less is more.

Show off new products or rotate through a new category. Teapot anyone? (add something left of center to your window display so it grabs attention and makes people stop in their tracks…).

merchandising tips

Source: Sarah Parker

2. Figure out your store “Hot Spot” the place everyone walks when they enter or where all your traffic moves past (studies show that nearly everyone turns right!).

Use this area to display a feature product or new arrivals. Group similar objects here to form a display.

merchandising tips

Source: Homemydesign

3. Use the rule of odd numbers. 3 or 5 of something looks better than an even number. Use 3 mannequins together (if space allows) or 5 candles or vases stacked. Odd numbers work best for display and visual merchandising please to the eye.

merchandising tips

Image source: Nikau Store

4. Signage and pricing. Increase the standard of your signage and price displays. Don’t use old sale signs or handwritten signs (unless they are works of art themselves).

Make sure all your items in-store are priced. There is nothing worse than customers having to ask that information. It is embarrassing and will stop more sales than you realize.

merchandising tips

Source: PPTinterirismo

5. How good is your store lighting? Do you have a variety of lighting in the store? Great window lights for night-time or window features. Ambient lighting in-store to show items off to there best. Warm lighting to flatter.Focused lighting for items to show them off.

merchandising tips

Source: The Design Files

I could go on and on. Sometimes I spend whole days in store with retailers making changes, tweaking things here and there, adding display areas, changing traffic flow of the store.

These are just a few tips to help with your VM in store.

Ensuring you have awesome counter displays can add a lot of $ to your bottom line. Grouping like items, consolidating stock. One of my pet hates is when stock is spread all over the store (eg. soaps in ten different locations!!).

Make some changes and see just what your reaction it gets and the impact it can have!!

If you want support, help and guidance on running a successful Retail store whether ecommerce or bricks and mortar physical store then check out my Profitable Product Business Roadmap where I dive into every facet of successful retail!
Send me photos of your best VM and I will add to my inspiration page.

Melissa. xx

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