Want to start a business? Do you have what it takes?

Whether you have money or not. Some things you need to consider.

Are you an ideas person? Are you good at seeing what’s not out there. What’s missing in the market and how to do the research needed to ensure that you’re covered.

You have to be willing to work hard. Bloody hard. Non stop and for a long time. Leaders, entrepreneurs and bosses in general don’t get a lot of sleep. You must be committed to putting in the (long) hours. Weekends, late nights and miss out on that party.

New business is a risk. Its scary, but that’s what separates the bosses from the workers. Are you willing to take a risk?? Risk your savings, your lifestyle and more? Because thats what it takes. Somethings work and others don’t. Entrepreneurs know this. Do you?

If you’re willing and able, give it a go. Why not? Life is short and we all need to know we gave things a go. If you’ve been thinking about it non stop, its time to roll up your sleeves. Good luck!

But….always be prepared to fail. Just in case. Because failing isn’t a bad thing. It’s a learning curve. And really successful people and organisations fail all the time. That’s how they grow. That’s how they eventually succeed. #businessstartup#consulting#businessmentors#startup#entrepreneur